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All Together Now
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All-Together-Now.Net is a fan site dedicated to the Doodlebops made BY the fans FOR the fans! It is a place where all the fans can come together and support the Doodles while making friends with people from all over the world who share a common interest in the Doodlebops!

The site offers things such as graphics, screen captures to make graphics with, episode lists, synopsis, Doodlebop related news, upcoming events, activities, lyrics and more! We also showcase artwork sent in by the fans and many of our members have donated their own work to the site.

We also offer a message board that keeps all the members up to date on the latest Doodlebop events, site updates, and other important stuff! Check it out, and join in on the fun today!

Registration is 100% free and the best part of all, you don't HAVE to register for ANYTHING to get involved or browse around! Registering for the Message Board/Forum is simply an advantage because it allows you to communicate directly with other members and recieve news directly to your inbox!

Take care & thanks for visiting our Livejournal community!
--All Together Now Staff

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